Communication Queen

A comprehensive 6-week mastermind on how to communicate with men in a simple, authentic & heartfelt way—that inspires them to cherish and adore you.




It’s time to let go of the outcome-based, manipulative techniques that have driven you to anxiety and put a wedge in your relationship.

And step into the loving, compassionate partner who shows up from a place of unshakeable confidence, self-assuredness and feminine power.

Being her WHOLE sassy, sexy, adorable self.

And getting cherished and adored for it.


COMMUNICATION QUEEN is for the woman who is finally ready to:

  • Create and build a next-level partnership with a man who gets you on all levels—mind, body and soul—from a place of LOVE, ABUNDANCE & EMOTIONAL MATURITY, because she knows deep down that love can amplify the deep connection she’s been craving.

  • Shift from a “how can I get something from him” fear-based approach to love, to a “how can I BE to make him feel amazing around me?” love-based approach to relationships. (Because yes, this is your natural state of feminine magnetism. You just forgot…)

  • Step into your true identity as an empowered, loving, magnetic partner who is HIGHLY valued for being your imperfect, chaotic, crazy, wild, authentic self.

  • Experience an easier way of communicating with men that allows you to stop overthinking, overanalyzing and nagging to get what you need. You see your man practically transform overnight—think: flipping a switch in him that inspires him to step up and actively pursue you as if you’ve just started dating, reigniting the “fire” in your relationship and having your man want to give you everything! 

  • Raise your worth to the ‘scary but SO fucking right’ level, while deeply owning your value as a highly sought after catch.

  • Develop a rock-solid foundation of self-confidence and love that allows you to fucking own the shit out of what you bring to the table as a high-value partner, feel confident in the entire process you experience in your relationship, and stand 100% behind your worth.

  • Master the art of high-value communication + feminine magnetism .. from a place of integrity and love.

  • Have your man fully step up, adore and cherish you because of the ENERGY and MAGNETISM of your heart, not because of what you DO (aka “He has no idea what’s happening, but he feels it in his gut that you’re the one he chooses, you’re the only one his heart trusts.)

  • Experience the deep, expansive fulfillment that comes with living as a high-value woman and communicating from that place daily. The desperation and anxiety that has been running your life drops away.

Whether you’re single, just going through a breakup or in a relationship rut—this otherwise limited access mastermind will help you to communicate your deepest needs and desires clearly to get you the seemingly elusive love and understanding you so deeply crave.

Are you ready to experience the epic love you’ve been craving for so long…

AND finally feel more like you?

Let’s do this!

Hi love, I’m Stacey!

My story of Embodying the Communication that Inspires Deep Devotion…

From a very young age, I was clueless about how to open up and communicate my desires. You could honestly say, I used to be the worst communicator. In 3rd grade, I was placed in a Speech Therapy class because teachers thought I was mute (I couldn’t even raise my hand to ask to use the restroom)

My intense fear of speaking continued up through my college years. Being shy and not being able to speak up became a huge problem in my relationships—most notably enduring physical, mental and emotional abuse from a man I was supposed to call my husband.

I was the loneliest and most unfulfilled I had ever been. I could barely look at myself in the mirror, I didn’t recognize who I had become. 

And the scariest part

Was that I accepted all of this and felt comfortable in my silence. Because I didn’t actually have to show who I was…I had a scapegoat in the form of a narcissistic man that I could blame for all of my problems. I had a place to hide from the world…and I would never need to face my fear of communicating my needs because he was there to tell me what I needed instead. 

Outward appearances, a sparkly diamond on my finger and a man who wanted to commit to me were the ways in which I justified this incredibly damaging treatment. Until almost five years later, three weeks before I was supposed to marry this abusive man, I finally got the courage to call it off and I left him.

And I mistakenly thought that if I just find a better guy, I’ll be in a happy relationship, which is what a lot of women believe…But this is only half the battle.

I did find better men than my ex fiancé, but I still experienced a lot of arguing, disappointment, nagging, begging, complaining and just in general feeling like I wanted more out of my relationships.

And then I started searching for actual solutions and realized that I was the common denominator in all these relationships, so there must be something I’M doing wrong.

And what I learned over the next 10 years?

And what Communication Queen is all about?

Is that when you that when you allow yourself to be fully expressed, to heal the wounds keeping your heart closed off…you get to be cherished, loved, and appreciated - simply for being ALL of who you are, weird habits and everything.


Which.. after this year, is exactly what I have created.


AND Today, I am one of the go-to expert mentors on the topic of communicating with men. 

So this work we’re about to do Isn’t just going to change your relationship, or your how your man treats you.  (That’s a given, when you’re coming from love.)

This work will allow you to finally let love into all areas of life and most importantly love yourself, which really, is what you were wanting all along.


Denise’s transformation has been nothing short of INSPIRING — becoming MORE herself than she has been in years, upgrading her emotional maturity, developing crystal clear communication in her relationship and not ruminating in the drama… and just 8 weeks into the program, her love life has done a total 180!⁣⁣

Once so skeptical of the techniques I teach, Denise started fresh with an open mind and a commitment to try something new, because what she’s done before had not worked in the slightest. And not only has her man stepped up and is showing her a wildly good time, he’s also planning for a future in which “she’s going to be part of his family” 💘 before our program had even concluded!!

Communication Queen is for you if:

↠ It feels like you’ve been trying to force things in your relationship (or past relationships) from a needy place for awhile, and something always feels “off” in your love life. You're constantly worried he’s pulling away, overthink everything, you don’t fully trust yourself, desperate to find yourself again .. but have no idea where to start.

↠ You keep hearing that “communication is key” to having the incredible connection you’re craving in a relationship, but it seems like the more you try to get a man to open up and the more you talk about your issues, the further he pulls away. 

↠ You've lost your voice. It feels like you don’t know what you stand for anymore, and it shows - because you’re either not showing up, or when you do communicate how you feel - it gets ignored or causes an argument that leaves you feeling defeated and even more misunderstood than when you started.

↠ You’re saying what you think will work to get the outcome you desire, NOT what you really NEED. So, instead you’ve been avoiding sharing your real feelings or being fully yourself because it feels inauthentic, and your body physically feels off when you do this. (Likely showing up as anxiety, depression, fatigue, overwhelm.)

↠ Because you’re not expressing what your soul really craves, the responses you DO get are LESS than ideal, and they are starting to drain you and make you question if you’re cut out for this (or any other) relationship anyway.

↠ You’ve been sabotaging your relationship lately and feeling guilty about it. You know it’s because you’re not really expressing yourself.. but most of all, you know it’s because you don’t fully accept yourself and your desires yet. So of course, your love life results match the shitty feelings you’re dealing with on the inside.

↠ You are super uncomfortable with trusting—in a man, and also yourself. You want all the SUPPORT, love and to be taken care of, but as soon as the words leave your mouth, you receive the opposite.

↠ You’re constantly feeling like you’ve failed and haven’t done enough. You’re exhausted from feeling like you’re “working so hard” on your relationship and getting nowhere.

↠ It feels like there’s no end to this cycle (which you keep repeating with the next man) and you wonder if all this “work” you’re putting in is even worth it. And to be honest, it’s probably driving you crazy, to the point where you feel like giving up on a relationship all together.

↠ You want your fire back. You want to stop being a fucking martyr and doing more to receive love. You want to stop feeling like you’re just going through the motions. YOU WANT TO JUST BE LOVED, AND FINALLY HAVE A DEEP SOUL CONNECTION WITH YOUR MAN - BY SIMPLY BEING YOU.


  1. Be able to have deeply fulfilling conversations with another human that just “gets” you on all levels—mind, body and soul, without playing games out of fear that you won’t be heard

  2. Show up as a woman who is fully heard, understood and LOVED for just being your adorable, sexy little self (weird habits and all)

  3. Feel free to express your steamy, hot, passionate desires that allow you to explore depths you’d never even dreamed of with your man

  4. Have specific techniques for clear and open communication that creates an intimate bond that you’ve likely never felt before or that faded after a short period of time

  5. Feel confident that your man can calmly tackle issues with you knowing that it can only strengthen your relationship and bring you even closer 

  6. Know how to start dissolving the built up resentment accumulated over years of feeling unappreciated and receiving even MORE love than you ever have just by being MORE yourself.

  7. Have the emotional mastery to be unfazed by little annoyances that you just can’t help but giggle at how you used to deal with them. 

  8. Finally realize how easy it is to have your way, you might even be a little embarrassed because of the drama around all of your communication before. 

  9. Have dropped your ego, walls, and the masculine hustle mask you wear at work that has kept your dream man from truly seeing the real you.

I want you to look back once you’ve created all of this and blow your fucking mind about how far you’ve come! You deserve all of this and SO MUCH MORE, you just need someone to help you with the exact mindset shifts and practical action steps to get there. 


Check out these inspiring wins <3

It was either working with you or Xanax. I’m so happy I can spread this awareness to other women about the work you do. You’re a game changer
— Denise

It felt amazing communicating with you because it was so easy. I saw the possibility of an exciting life of not living with the types of arguments I was so used to having with other women. It was one of the main reasons I saw you as THE ONE
— Straight from my Husband, Alan



In our Communication Queen Mastermind, I lead a small group of women through the powerful program together. The growth that’s able to happen when we share in this journey is exponential, not to mention extremely fun!

Over the course of our 8 weeks together, we transform from the inside-out: through emotional mastery > deep self-confidence > practical techniques > magnetic love approach and evolved relationship skills we touched on in this guide. 

Each week, you’ll be able to connect with your soul sisters and me on a 60-minute call to figure out your gaps to creating the love life you want and then provide my in-depth knowledge and practices to help you make your ideal relationship a reality. You’ll also receive one 1-1 session with me where we can dive deep on any blind spots that come up and deal with anything that you might be struggling to understand more thoroughly throughout the program.

You’ll have access to insanely valuable video lessons + exercises to work through. We’ll stay connected via a private online community for ongoing support, connection and celebration!

By the end of the 6 weeks you’ll finally have mastered the communication tools that inspire your man to fully commit (or recommit) and step up to treat you like the goddess you are.


>WEEK 1 - Setting the Foundations for Open Communication + Magnetic, Loving Energy and Unshakeable Confidence

>WEEK 2 - Shifting + Softening Expectations 

>WEEK 3 - Types of Communication to Avoid

>WEEK 4 - HOW to communicate in high-value, non-damaging ways instead that bring him closer to you

>WEEK 5 - Men + Women Communication Differences + Getting Him to Open Up

>WEEK 6 - The Magic Pill: Gratitude as a Lifestyle + More than just saying Thank You



The world needs you to step up, own your worth and share yourself at the highest level possible.

So let me ask you:

How amazing would it feel to know that your man would feel closer to you the more you share your heart?

How good would it feel to know that communicating with your man is just as easy and fun as it was when you first fell in love?

Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not!

It’s the reality of every woman who has learned from my programs. And it will be your reality too once you decide to join Communication Queen.

Don’t let this be the training you wish you had last year…Let this be the training that truly transforms your love life. That truly improves ALL your relationships. And that truly increases your happiness, your confidence and your love- now.

The way I see it, you have 2 options:

  1. Give in to the excuses and fears that are coming up for you right now. (Will this really change anything for me? Am I going to regret this? How do I know this will work? And things like that)

  2. OR… Trust your intuition, say yes to playing big and show up as the magnetizing woman you truly are.

YOUR NEXT STEP IS clicking the join CQM button BELOW