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HERE ARE some of THE GOODIES INCLUDED in my 1:1 Vip 3-month coaching program…

❤️ A completely PERSONALIZED approach to your specific dating/relationship situation. We will go in-depth with each of your struggles and come up with action steps to move forward with a glass-half-full outlook

❤️ Move on from your breakup feeling empowered and we'll work to keep you from taking on all the blame from your current breakup and in future relationships

❤️ Create a vision for your ideal partnership and get SUPER clear on exactly the type of man you want to attract into your life, which will make it SO easy to identify who you shouldn’t waste your time on

❤️ Learn how to become an EMPOWERED woman who knows what she wants and not feel like you have to beg, plead, nag or argue with a man to get the treatment you deserve

❤️ Four 60 minute Strategy calls per month (once per week) where we’ll get to the heart of why you’re struggling in the dating department and pinpoint exactly what to do about it with clear ACTION steps to move you forward to get the love you deserve

❤️ Unlimited accountability through email and VOXER - This is SUPER helpful when you need advice on what does his text mean? What do you say on a date? Is this a red flag? Or when you’re just OVER dating and need someone to keep you going!!

❤️ Finally find men who you are attracted to and who pursue you, without you needing to chase them!

❤️ Get over your fears, raise your standards and learn how to never settle for a casual relationship because of those fears!

❤️ An online dating profile makeover that will REPEL guys who just want hookups and ATTRACT in the guys you actually want to date

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