1:1 Elite Level Love Mentorship

A 16-week love mentorship program for women who want to finally start magnetizing the RIGHT men--Your veins will finally be FILLED with confidence … so you’re attracting *WOW…will you please marry me?* quality men


✨Finally BECOME that woman who EASILY magnetizes men that WANT to be with you…

(and stop doubting if you can do this by just being yourself… You can! And it will feel so fucking GOOD)

✨You’ll see why your DARK past {the scary parts you don’t want to share about yourself}… turned into LIGHT… is the KEY to receiving love easily, and from the RIGHT men.

✨You’ll TRUST yourself again … and you’ll receive dates/men that are PERFECT for you.

(get the hell out of anxiety and overwhelm when it comes to dating and understanding men)

✨ Create a vision for your ideal partnership and get SUPER clear on exactly the type of man you want to attract into your life, which will make it SO easy to identify who you shouldn’t waste your time on

✨You’re going to reignite your sexual energy… and allow men to BOW down at your FEET. {and NO, I don’t mean by just having sex…}

✨You’ll have a wave of emotionally available men beating down your door to take you out on dates that THEY plan [and treat you to] **we’re talking a minimum of 5 QUALITY dates a week here, ummmm…where have they been hiding this whole time?!**

✨Your veins will finally be FILLED with confidence … so you’re attracting *WOW…will you please marry me?* quality men 

✨You’ll be able to get the DATES you actually want without really trying (just cause you’re finally feeling WORTH it… and allowing them to come TO YOU)…

✨ Learn how to become an EMPOWERED woman who knows what she wants and not feel like you have to beg, plead, nag or argue with a man to get the treatment you deserve

✨Finally taste what EASE feels like…and TURN ON your ability to receive 

✨Men will start to see YOU differently…like the ONLY woman for him. You’ll feel SEEN by him … and finally feel FREE, on the inside too.

✨Officially learn to make things so easy…you’ll know how to flip the switch in him that has him shower you with love, plan epic dates, and ALL of this without needing to BE anyone different than you already are

A completely PERSONALIZED approach to your specific dating/relationship situation. We will go in-depth with each of your struggles and come up with action steps to move forward with a glass-half-full outlook

✨ Four 60 minute Strategy calls per month (once per week) where we’ll get to the heart of why you’re struggling in the dating department and pinpoint exactly what to do about it with clear ACTION steps to move you forward to get the love you deserve

✨ Unlimited accountability through email and VOXER - This is SUPER helpful when you need advice on what does his text mean? What do you say on a date? Is this a red flag? Or when you’re just OVER dating and need someone to keep you going

Ready to take the leap?

Let’s hop on a no-pressure, complimentary breakthrough call where we’ll get to the heart of where you’re struggling in your dating life and create a clear action plan to help you attract the RIGHT man for you